Surprising Importance of GPS in Today’s World

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite based real time location service that can be used for wide array commercial and personal applications. The introduction of this advent technology has revolutionised our lives.

Commercialisation of taxi and other cab services with the use of GPS has paved a new way of travelling. In the business sector, it has been proven that with the introduction of GPS has led to more sustainable development of business and keep a track of its activities and employees. GPS has also been a very reliable tool in the hands of explorers and wilderness travellers. It is a very useful addition to many industries.


GPS can provide pin point location no matter what weather condition is prevailing in that area. It Is based on satellites located in space which transmit data to computers and receivers located in earth. It was initially created by the military for locating military personnel during deployment missions. Today it plays a more general public role used for locating destinations and finding roadways to the said.

Finding roads and shortcuts aren’t the only features of GPS. Stolen items can be tracked as well as valuable property, sharing coordinates and communication, locating disabled individuals and pets. A common feature among all smart phones now are satellite tracking which helps locate and keep kids and girls safe by updating the family.

Our society has become safer and convenient due to the tremendous impact of satellite location services.  Law authorities protect and located criminals on the go with the help of this technology.

Other than the said functions, GPS also provides other features as carrying electrical compass, displaying time, carrying barometric altimeters, and calendars and can also be used as a multi media device.

Aviation navigation, road transport, shipping and railway, weather conditions, atmospheric pressure determination, telecommunications, financial services and in recent trend social media are among the few applications and how GPS plays a vital role in our everyday activities.

There are actually two types GPS systems, namely the Global Navigation Satellite System and the Regional Satellite Navigation System. The owner of GPS is the United States of America.  Different versions of the system have been developed by Russia, China and of recently India too.

From the above stated facts and information, there is no doubt that the creation and invention of GPS is a another step forward for mankind and till date one of its most greatest inventions. It is not only a boon to drivers but to explorers as well as companies. In recent studies it is shown trying to integrate GPS in the educational sector to make the students and upcoming citizens more aware about satellite navigation.

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